My Baby 'Novo.

WOW! What an amazing first week at De Novo Skin Spa.   The well wishes, screams of joy for my new venture and continued support have put a permanent smile on my face. I'm lucky to have met some of the most caring, generous and supportive people these last few years.

In all the excitement, I have noticed that a certain question keeps popping up. Frankly it is one of my favorite questions to answer :)


I don't have any children but if did, I would compare naming a business to naming a child. My child would be named the name I choose F-O-R-E-V-E-R.   No pressure, right?!

The search began. I googled anything I could possibly think of to help me decide on the perfect title for my baby. Those searches resulted in a pile of meaningless unworthy names that left me uninspired and discouraged. 

Then it happened. I stumbled across a phrase that was eye appealing and meaningful to me. 

de no·vo

Latin expression meaning "from the beginning," "afresh," "anew," "beginning again."

Nailed it.

Right out of college, I was a business major working as an administrative assistant. It wasn't the right "fit" for me and I needed something different. I always had a passion for the skin care industry because I struggled with my complexion growing up. Becoming an Esthetician was my fresh start. De Novo Skin Spa is a step closer to fulfilling my dream, it's my new beginning!

I proudly introduced to you my first born De Novo Skin Spa. I'm one proud momma and can wait to help her grow :)

-Kudos to my parents and their ability to name 5 children before the days of the world wide web!!!

Here is to new beginnings!