We now offer MASSAGE!

We have found the perfect fit for De Novo Skin Spa. Nancy Settles Baker is kind, experienced, and gives an amazing massage!

Nancy, PTA, LMT graduated from Clarkson College in 2008 as a Physical Therapist Assistant, then completed her diploma in Massage Therapy from Universal College of Healing Arts in 2013. Nancy enjoys providing relaxing Swedish massage and is also trained in Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT). She has worked with Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMJ problems), as well as those with neck and back pain and many other conditions. She believes in the healing power of deep relaxation, and, considering the many benefits of massage, it is an excellent way to promote health and wellness.

We are thrilled to have Nancy as a part De Novo and to now be able to offer MASSAGE!

Customer Appreciation Night Recap!

Wow! The first annual De Novo Skin Spa Customer Appreciation Night was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated.

I was showered with bouquets of beautiful flowers for the event! Most of you know I love having fresh flowers around so I’m sure you can imagine how much I enjoyed these for days following. THANK YOU to everyone who thought of me and made the day extra special!!

The event was kicked off with lots of savings! Scratch cards, gift bags, special offers and raffle prizes were given to attendees.


A HUGE thank you to the guys at Chef Karim’s Mediterranean Grill who catered. They are passionate about what they do and that shows in their food! I’m excited for their grand opening coming soon! -I’m still having dreams about that shrimp!

Great food, wine, flowers, and friends makes for a great night! Thank you for packing the house and filling my heart!

Can’t wait till next year!!!


Let's talk wax...

If you are lucky enough to be a client of mine, you probably already know that I LOVE to wax! Those of you who aren't my clients yet but plan on coming to see me soon, most likely one of the first things I will tell you is that I LOVE to wax! <3 - When I went to Esthetics school I thought waxing was one of those things I would be required to learn but would never really do outside of school walls. Boy was I wrong! I quickly discovered I was born to wax!



Here are 4 reasons why waxing makes me happy:

  • Waxing is challenging. Everyone's hair growth is different. I once had a client who had about 22 different hair growth patterns on their underarm. I honestly can't remember which client this was on but I do remember how I carefully executed my plan of attack. I love a good challenge!
  • I'm fast. I move as quickly as possible, while still taking the time to ensure that I do a thorough wax. I was lucky enough to attend a 7 minute brazilian wax class in Long Beach California a couple years ago. It opened my eyes to new way of waxing. Speed and comfort combined!
  • My wax is awesome! Never did I think I could be more head over heels in love with a wax. Nufree is amazing! It was developed to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. To meet their strict standards, it had to be fast and effective, and the need to be safe was absolute. It never sticks to the skin. It is also a self-preserving antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it’s safe, clean and germ-free. Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal!
  • I meet cool people. If you had a brazilian wax from me you know I talk to you almost the entire time. I do this to make you more comfortable. It helps to keep your mind off when that next strip is going to be pulled. Turns out my clients are pretty cool people and have really interesting things to talk about. I wish we had more time to chat (one downside of being a fast waxer :) )!

Next time you nervously book a wax because some 'poor lady has to wax you', remember if I didn't love to wax I wouldn't wax. Lucky you I love my job!


Haley "I can wax that" Axtell

*Go ahead make my night and book a wax! vagaro.com/denovoskinspa

My Baby 'Novo.

WOW! What an amazing first week at De Novo Skin Spa.   The well wishes, screams of joy for my new venture and continued support have put a permanent smile on my face. I'm lucky to have met some of the most caring, generous and supportive people these last few years.

In all the excitement, I have noticed that a certain question keeps popping up. Frankly it is one of my favorite questions to answer :)


I don't have any children but if did, I would compare naming a business to naming a child. My child would be named the name I choose F-O-R-E-V-E-R.   No pressure, right?!

The search began. I googled anything I could possibly think of to help me decide on the perfect title for my baby. Those searches resulted in a pile of meaningless unworthy names that left me uninspired and discouraged. 

Then it happened. I stumbled across a phrase that was eye appealing and meaningful to me. 

de no·vo

Latin expression meaning "from the beginning," "afresh," "anew," "beginning again."

Nailed it.

Right out of college, I was a business major working as an administrative assistant. It wasn't the right "fit" for me and I needed something different. I always had a passion for the skin care industry because I struggled with my complexion growing up. Becoming an Esthetician was my fresh start. De Novo Skin Spa is a step closer to fulfilling my dream, it's my new beginning!

I proudly introduced to you my first born De Novo Skin Spa. I'm one proud momma and can wait to help her grow :)

-Kudos to my parents and their ability to name 5 children before the days of the world wide web!!!

Here is to new beginnings! 


Brows, Beautiful Brows!

"Every perfect day starts with the perfect brow" 

OR in today's case ended with the perfect brow!💗 Check out these beautiful brows!



Don't give up on your dreams of having bold beautiful brows. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving your best brow: 

1. DON'T TOUCH THEM! I know this is easier than it sounds. Seriously, step away from the mirror and put down the tweezers. Let them grow out for at least a month. 

2. Schedule an appointment with a professional. Once your brows have grown to their full potential its time to get them shape. Find a brow expert in your area (and by brow expert, I don't mean your adorable nail lady ;) ). 

Brow waxing is a service that needs careful evaluation and consultation to be sure your brows are perfect for you! 

Brows are under $10 till February 18th at De Novo Skin Spa! Book 'em NOW vagaro.com/denovoskinspa

Love your brow expert, 


When one door closes, another one opens. ❤

Today was my last at the job that I had for 2 and half years. It was my first place of work after Esthetics school...Let's be real, I basically lived there these last few years 😊 It was home. I drove away today with a full heart. Thankful for the people I met, the lessons I learned and the opportunities I was given. I will forever be grateful for my BNS family!  
Now on to the next journey...

Monday=Opening day. Please excuse me while I go find my mile long to-do list.

❤ Haley

Drum roll please!

There have been lots of questions to what skincare line will be used at DeNovo Skin Spa. The decision was simple in choosing Image Skincare!



Few of the many reasons why we love Image Skincare:
-Result driven
-Simple 3 step regimens
-Broad range of products that allow for better individualized treatment for each client and his/her specific skin care needs
-Cosmeceutical grade products free from parabens and artificial additives.
-Image stays on the cutting edge of skin care! 

Want a customized skincare regimen targeted to your specific skin concerns? Schedule a FREE consulation and receive 20% off all products till Feb. 18! Be prepared to get RESULTS!

Call or text to book 402.219.1232 or online at vagaro.com/denovoskinspa