Custom Spray Tan  $30

Will my airbrush tan look orange or streaky?

No way!  Orange and streaky tans are a thing of the past! All spray tans at De Novo are applied by trained technicians, ensuring you will receive the depth of color you desire and the most natural looking results for your individual skin type and tone.

How long will my tan last?

Typically your sunless color will last 5-7 days. The life of your tan depends on the amount of solution applied, as well as your pre and post application skincare routine. If using proper moisturizers and taking quicker showers you color can last closer to two weeks.


The day of your appointment:

  • Freshly showered, shaved (or waxed) & exfoliated (24 hours before tan)

  • No lotions or deodorants

  • Bring loose-fitting clothes to wear after your appointment

How should I take care of my airbrush tan?

  • Wait at least 10-12 hours before showering.

  • Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize!

  • Avoid baby oil/mineral oil bath products. Check your lotion’s ingredients list to make sure mineral oil is not listed. They don’t play nice with your gorgeous glow.

  • If you must shave, use a fresh razor.


What should I wear during my airbrush tanning appointment? 
The attire for women is whatever they are comfortable with. The cosmetic bronzers are water-soluble and should wash out. The attire for men is boxers, briefs, swim trunks or shorts.